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Lil Horse Inc. is a creative lab which thrives by understanding and exploring design, marketing, and creativity, in a fresh and exciting way. Our passion is transforming good ideas and abstractions you have in your mind into powerful brands. Our goal is to create a solid final product that will materialize yourdreams by turning them into amazing virtual assets. 

Team members

Alison Castillo


Oscar Rodriguez

Chief Operations Officer

Nicolas Useche

Chief Creative Officer

Paulo Realpe

Director of Business Strategy

Sebastián Mora

Administrative Asisstant

Drake Blemings

Chief Financial Officer

Pat Spurgeon

Accounting Administrator

Patricia Puchi

Chief Design Officer

Joaquin Acevedo

Multimedia Senior Creator

Franklin Ocanto

Senior Multimedia Designer

Francisco García

Multimedia Creator

Monica Bedoya

Chief Marketing Officer

Gabriela Lozano

Digital Marketing Specialist

Gerald Lucero

Senior SEO Strategist

Maria Bahamon

Copy Writer

Javier Valencia

Creative Marketing Strategist

Miguel Escobar

Web Developer

Jorge Cagua

Chief Visualization Officer

Our why?

We are a strong team of dynamic creators, designers, and marketers passionate about creating and supporting businesses across all sectors to make them future-ready so they can impact society long term. Our approach combines modern design, marketing strategy, visualization tools, and business advisory, positioning our clients in a class of sustainable, high-impact brands.  

Positive impact!

The world is changing. Now, to thrive in an age of disruption, everyone needs a future-ready mindset and culture. Becoming future-ready means being straightforward, scaling up capabilities and being relevant to future competition. At Lil Horse Inc. we want to help you create the business of tomorrow through future-ready design, digital marketing, extended reality technologies and the metaverse.