3D and 2D avatar Design

Why hire our 3D and 2D avatar design services?

With Lil Horse Inc you can start the digital process of transforming a character into a three-dimensional model of an individual, including accessories, clothes, and facial expressions. You can trust us on helping you create simple yet dynamic graphic content to give your brand some movement and increase your audience engagement.  

Reach for the top

Be a pioneer in your market. Whether is in the metaverse, videogames or traditional channels of advertising, you can offer amazing experiences that connect with the dreams and tastes of your audience trough top-notch and impeccably detailed 2D and 3D character models that can come to life right from your imagination. 

What we offer

It all starts with the idea of the character that you have. At first, we will understand what you want; then, we will figure out the use of the character and the environment in which it is going to be used. Based on this, we will develop a concept art of the character that will portray all the emotions and characteristics you want.  With years of experience in this field, our designers can give life to your imagination and deliver appealing characters from scratch, based on your desires. 

What we do, we do well